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Steepletone 60's Retro Record Player

£85.00 / Coming Soon

Want to buy vinyl but got nowt to play it on?
Want to impress both your friends?
Need the ideal Christmas gift?
Then look no further that this primo vintage record play.
Folds out from carry case, plays all vinyl formats, has built in detachable speakers and is currently available in 4 colours.

An ultra compact record player in various colours by reputable retro electronics manufacturer Steepletone. A portable turntable in a handmade vinly case, capable of playing 3 speeds, ie 45rpm (7" & 12" Singles), 33rpm LPs/Albums and 78s.
Plugs into Standard UK 3 Pin socket and is supplied complete with Stylus.  Available in 5 colours 3-speed (33/45/78rpm). Turntable Portable with Carry Handle & Removable Cover. 
Built-in Stereo Speakers 2 x 2w RMS  Speaker-out Socket (4-8 Ohm) GREAT SALES FEATURES. Tone Control Subwoofer-out Socket (3.5mm dia.)  Line-out Socket (3.5mm dia.)  Line-in Socket (3.5mm dia.) - Line-in Cable supplied  12v/1.2A DC operated - AC/DC Adaptor supplied.